Business Development Agent (Global)

As a business development agent for Shakti Cords Pvt. Ltd., You may independently work from any part of the globe or be a member of a trade council for your respective country. Your responsibilities will include the following: Understanding and gaining knowledge about the companies products, Dipped Cords for V-belts and Braiding Yarns & Curing Tapes for Industrial Hoses. Researching potential customers that are involved in the manufacturing of V-belts and Industrial Hoses. Acquiring samples, specifications and other necessary details for the development of products from international clients. Acting as intermediaries between the company and its foreign clients, conveying all relevant information regarding the status & developments of samples. Researching raw material suppliers in your area, and providing the company with information regarding price trends, new advances in materials, alternative raw materials etc. Interested applicants send their cv/resume to

System Manager

As a systems manager you will be working at the manufacturing facility of Shakti Cords Pvt. Ltd., Madurai. The company is looking for Individuals who are strongly systems oriented and pay great attention to detail. The individual must have excellent auditing skills for this position. Individuals with a minimum experience of 3-5 years who have previously implemented ISO 9000:2015 / TS16949 quality management practises would be given preference. Your responsibilities will include the following: 1. Gaining a deep understanding of the on-going manufacturing and administrative process at the company. 2. Understating and evaluating existing standard operating procedures for various processes. 3. Designing and testing new SOPs for existing or new processes. 4. Auditing checklists provided by subordinates and ensuring systematic operation of the facility at all times, in line with the ISO/TS16949 requirements. 5. Implementing and supporting new concepts such as TQM, SIX-SIGMA, 5S, PARETO ANALYSIS etc. at the shop floor level. 6. Ensuring orderly storage and movement of raw material, in-process stock and finished goods. 7. Promoting a culture of systematic operation by encouraging subordinates and peers to follow SOP’s at all times. 8. Reporting deviations to the general manager and working with the rest of the team at Shakti Cords to take the necessary corrective and preventive action. 9. Documenting and filing all work for easy access at a later date. Interested applicants send their cv/resume to

Research Analyst

As a Research Analyst you will undertake the following responsibilities: 1. Understanding the companies products & processes, core-competencies, raw materials and machinery utilised. 2. Researching about alternative raw material suppliers both locally and globally. 3. Researching about the latest technology and machinery available in the market, and studying its applications to help the company build better products. 4. Finding avenues for market and product development. 5. Visiting potential customers and acting as a link between the company and the client. 6. Studying patents relating to the company’s field of operation. 7. Gathering competitor data, analysing import pricing and quantity, finding opportunities for export. 8. Identification of key personnel & human resources for various positions at the company. 9. Documenting and filing all work for easy access at a later date. Interested applicants send their cv/resume to An ideal candidate should have: 1. Good knowledge of computers and a keen interest in online & field research. 2. Excellent communication & interpersonal skills. 3. Must proficient in spoken and written in english. 4. Ability to learn, assimilate and analyse information quickly. Interested applicants send their cv/resume to