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Single End Tire Cords

We manufacture Single end tire cords made of a variety of synthetic yarns such as nylon, polyester, aramid and rayon. These yarns are twisted into single or multiple-ply cords and later cured to the physical properties as required by the customer. 

Single end tire cords have high breaking tenacity and a low creep for excellent driving stability. 

The tire cords are RFL coated for superior adhesion to the rubber substrate. Our proprietary dip solutions provide an excellent adhesion of the yarn to various kinds of rubber substrates including NR, CR, SBR, CSM, EPDM etc.

We can also manufacture hybrid single end tire cords with the most popular being a hybrid of Aramid and Nylon66. This cord has a high strength to weight ratio which improves fuel efficiency and is capable of withstanding high temperatures achieved by performance tires. Polyester tire cords can also be manufactured using high modulus low shrinkage yarns to ensure better dimensional stability during operation.  

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Single end cord.jpg



RAW Materials

Polyester, Aramid, Nylon, Rayon

Other specific raw materials can be utilised if required by the customer

Linear mass density (Denier)


Cords of higher or Lower deniers can be produced as per requirement.


1×3, 2×3, 2×5, 3×3, 5×3, 6×3, 5×4, 9×3, 3x4x3, 9×5, 9×6 (Hight twist possible)

Customisable as per requirement

Stiffness & Finish

Ultra-soft, soft, semi-stiff, stiff, superior stiff

Customisable as per requirement

Dip Solution Compatibility


Solutions of particular chemical compostions/soild concentrations can be prepared, as per customer

Physical Properties

Breaking Strength, Elongation, EASL, Free Heat Shrinkage, Adhesion, Cord Gauge, Weight/meter

Our dipped cords match all these specifications given by our customers


Metal bobbins, 8-13 kgs per bobbin, Cardboard tubes, 0.8 – 10 kgs per tube.

Can be parallel wound on flat or conical tubes of dimensions specified by the customer

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