Innovation and Development

As a dynamic organisation we continuously strive to develop and customize new products for our customers, while streamlining our existing internal processes. We understand that are cornerstones of long-term growth and progress. Highlighted below are some of our latest developments.

Developed dipped Para Aramid cords for high strength applications, in 1670Dtex/2×3 and 1670Dtex/3×4 constructions. This involved re-configuring our process parameters, preparing appropriate dipping solutions.

Identified process parameters and dipping solutions to achieve ‘Ultra soft’ and ‘Superior Stiff’ finishes in dipped Polyester cords, from 1×3 to 9×6 constructions.

Developed ‘hard-stone’ winding capabilities, for ultratight packing of dipped cords (Aramid, Polyester, PVA, Rayon) on cheeses, which could be run at higher speeds on braiding machines.

Photoelectric detection of anomalies by incorporating Electronic Yarn Cleaning (EYC) machines upon auto- winders to ensure only the highest quality of yarn is sent to the dipping process.

Established Shakti Cords Analogue Data Acquisition system (SCADA) for complete computerisation of the facility and fostering statistical process control.

Expansion of plant built up area by 30,000 Sq.ft to set up additional capacity for exports and enhance the current material handling system.