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Curing Tapes

PVA or Nylon curing tapes are frequently used in the manufacturing of industrial hoses. The curing tapes are wrapped around the hoses to help them achieve their final shape. The surface finish obtained by the hose depends upon the material used to construct the curing tape. In the case of nylon a ‘matte’ finish may be achieved, or in the case of PVA a glossy finish is observable on the hose.

We can manufacture PVA or Nylon curing tapes of widths between 20mm – 100mm.

Our tapes can be given a special non-stick coating that prevents its adhesion to the rubber hose and prolongs its re-usability.

Nylon6 or Nylon66 can be used as per the maximum curing temperature requirement of the customer.

Our tapes are heat-set which gives them uniform shrinkage and high evenness even after repetitive use.

We match our customer’s requirements in terms of the construction, breaking strength, elongation, heat shrinkage, linear density and thickness.

We are price competitive and supply curing tapes that far surpass our rivals in terms of quality and consistency

Curing Tape
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