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Chopped Fibers

Chopped Fiber is a short, thin, rectangular flake type of fiber cut from a unidirectional filament yarn. Chopped Fiber is commonly combined with resin / rubbers to create a mixture which delivers high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios.


When combined with a substrate, the mixture adds strength and stiffness to bonds, reinforce parts and fills gaps and cavities.

Additionally, chopped fiber can be used in compression and injection molding compounds to manufacturer parts.

The finished products exhibit high strength and modulus, excellent fatigue and creep resistance, low thermal expansion, electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent friction and wear resistance and low shrinkage.

We can manufacture chopped fibers made of polyester, kevlar, carbon fiber, rayon and cotton with lengths varying from 3mm-24mm as per the customers requirement. 

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